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Susan Van Wie, M.S., CCC/A, SLP-L

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Susan Van Wie is a state licensed and certified Speech-Language Therapist and Audiologist holding a Master's degree in Communication Disorders and a Bachelor's degree in Speech and Hearing Science. She is fluent in ASL and has years of experience working as a speech therapist and audiologist.

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Parent quotes:

"After searching for six months for appropriate treatment for my sons speech needs a friend referred me to Susan Van Wie at AdHEARence, LLC. Susan not only met but continued to exceed my expectations every lesson that she planned for my son. My son looked forward to the time with Susan every week and remained totally engaged for their hour long sessions. His speech goals were reached quickly and his confidence soared with every lesson. I feel so fortunate that my son was able receive speech assistance in a fun, caring and individualized manner from such a caring and enthusiastic teacher. Thank you Susan for everything. " Sincerely, Debbie Carwitz - Parent

"Our son is 4 years old and we were not seeing any progress in his pronunciation of words until Miss Susan started working with him. Though we, as his parents, could understand 80% of the things he said, we saw that most people couldn't understand most of it. She worked with him in such a way that he truly enjoyed it and looked forward to his lessons, she made learning fun for him. With her knowledge and patience, she changed the way our son listened and learned. He had a wonderful experience with her and we are really pleased with his progress. We are so grateful for her work, she has given our son confidence to make friends in school and to be more involved in activities. Thank you again Miss Susan!" Renee & Dave Leach - Parents



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Join Little hedgehog Josef as he journeys through life while living with an auditory processing disorder. 
We watch him struggle academically, socially, emotionally, and even physically as he tries to understand his world of sound.  The eventual diagnosis of an auditory processing disorder marks the beginning of a new world that begins to blossom for Josef with the help of a few friends and some hard work.